Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are We Ready

Recent times have enraged the people. People are screaming on top of their voices for justice. All over we are seeing the rallies and huge protests against the present rule.

The topic that everyone is discussing, ultimately boils down to Mumbai blasts. Their faces light up with anguish.

Yes I am feeling the same,Even i vote for war against those inhuman rascals.We speak, we scream but are we ready to act. If tomorrow there comes the need to join military, Are We Ready?

Are we prepared for the future?Are we Ready to sacrifice our lives? Are you ready to face anything and everything.. Are We??

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Its easy to say 'I am Short Tempered"

Many a times I have heard my friends saying "I am short tempered yaar... what to do that is my only problem". I have seen them repeat this again and again after every incident where they would have screamed.

What I really don't understand is, they spend so much time in regretting after the incident, why can't they try to avoid that. They do nothing about it but just walk out safe saying "I am short tempered".

The short temper of theirs do not affect them but affect the person who is at the receiving end in the incident. So before you say "You are short tempered", look within yourself if you have done something to curb it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My Niece

Last time my visit to my hometown, was a family reunion. Time seems to fly when you are with your family. And time flies even faster when I am with my niece.

Actually speaking, I either fight or quarrel with her. Each time I take something from her, I just love to see the expression on her face and the energy with which she bounces on me to get that back. I just love her.

Last time we were fighting on the bed, and after every fight, she would fall down. But you should see the enthusiasm in her face, she would fall, but she would leap back and again start a fight with me. I would say enough but she would not.

Each time she fell, she got up to bounce back. At last I gave up and fell because if i would not have done that she would have fought with me the whole night.

And the moment I fell, she starting jumping with joy screaming "Nannu gedde..". After a moment she was nicely sleeping with her mom.

I could feel that she was tired yet she did not give up. Each time I saw the expression to fight back in her face, i remembered myself .

I don't know but I have started accepting life the way it is. I have started giving up easily.When I saw the serene face of my niece after the win, I was ashamed of myself of loosing the best quality of mine.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am still growing.....

Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to climb Mount Everest.On May 29, 1953 he scaled the highest mountain then known to man-29,000 feet straight up. He was knighted for his efforts. He even made American Express card commercials because of it! However, until we read his book, High Adventure, we don't understand that Hillary had to grow into this success.

You see, in 1952 he attempted to climb Mount Everest, but failed. A few weeks later a group in England asked him to address its members.Hillary walked on stage to a thunderous applause. The audience was recognizing an attempt at greatness, but Edmund Hillary saw himself as a failure. He moved away from the microphone and walked to the edge of the platform.

He made a fist and pointed at a picture of the mountain.He said in a loud voice,

"Mount Everest, you beat me the first time,but I'll beat you the next time because you've grown all you are going to grow... but I'm still growing!" This is the attitude that has made most of the world renowned achievers to reach their goal in life!

The attitude of “ learning & growing” every moment in life!

Got the above write up as a forward from my friend.. Yes the day the defeat defeats us , we would stop growing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"Why does it happen to me?", wondered ari, a software engineer by profession. She was devastated because nothing was happening in her life that could kindle a ray of hope. She has been waiting since long to reap the fruits but nothing happened yet.

"Ari, is a person who can be trusted with any kind of work. Whatever may be the situation but she will come out in colours", were the words of the managers under whom she worked. She was hard working at the sametime was too loyal to her work. But this never reflected in her career growth. She was fed up.

She decided one day that she will not work anymore till she gets what she wants. She spent 2 days with no productivity. "Why am I doing this?" was the only question she had in her mind. She could not sleep peacefully, but she decided whatever it is she will not work.

Next day she comes to the office, with a call from her manager immediately. "Ari we are in trouble, can you please look into it." The instant answer was 'Yes!!" . She starts the work..

This is the problem with her. She is too loyal to her work. Too loyal.....Nobody can stop her from doing the work,not even the humiliation, not even the depression..

Monday, November 17, 2008

Friend and a Covalent Bond

When you desperately need a shoulder, if you have a person to lean on then that makes the person special and he/she is called a 'Friend'.

Friends are those whom we choose and some are made for us.I have tried to discover a friend in so many people but it always ended as a one way affair. At last I have got some whom I can proudly say 'These are my friends'.

A friend to me should be like a covalent bond. For non chemistry guys let me give some intro on bonds:

Covalent bond: Bond in which one or more pairs of electrons are shared by two atoms.
Ionic bond: Bond in which one or more electrons from one atom are removed and attached to another atom, resulting in positive and negative ions which attract each other.

As we see above I feel friendship is all about sharing. So many times I have ended up having people who never led me an ear when i wanted to share something. For me they can never be friends.

For me a friend is who listens to what you tell, who is there for you even if you are far,who understands you even if you do not utter a word.

Most of all he/she is a person who has the same frequency as yours. I have got few who actually match these criteria.

Thanks to infy which gave me something which I can cherish all through out my life. So for those who say that you are friends of someone, just ask a question to yourself if you were there for a person when they needed you, or atleast you listened to them when they wanted to share something.

Its very easy to say I am his/her friend but very hard to put it in action.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some books that make you question

I should have had posted this post in another blog of mine But felt it suited here more

The books 'The Fountainhead' and 'Atlas Shrugged' can be told as the masterpieces. The author Ayn Rand simplifies life in her the characters. And believe me you will find yourself one among them. At least, i found myself and realised what I was.

The book made me question myself..'If I am taking my life in the correct path?'.
Especially the characters Howard Roark in the book impressed me a lot. And now the character Dagny Taggart in 'Atlas Shrugged'. These characters have a charisma which mesmerizes everyone.
Yeah the books made me take some decisions that changed the way my life was progressing.As i read them, i always want to finish it but at the same time, i am scared if it gets over soon.

Keep the Child in You Alive

Today is Nov 14,better known as Children's day. My inbox had quite a number of mails with the subject 'Happy Children's day'. One of the mails read 'Keep the child in you alive'.
As i look back i don't know if the child in me is still alive or if I have buried it somewhere.
We are so careful in our career that we no longer wish to do what we like.
We look everything in a mature perspective. It is so mature that we try to seek the profit in whatever we do.
We no longer get ourselves indulged in something which is our hobby, simple reason is we do not have time.
We no longer feel happy when someone else wins in the competition.
We no longer like to attend a cousin's marriage just because it is far and I would have to take a
leave, which could be used for a trip with friends otherwise.
Sigh.. I sometimes want to dance in the rain but I don't thinking what would be people's reaction.
I like to do what I want but never bring that to action.
I know that somewhere there is a child in me , the child is just hidden behind the adult. The day this adult says she is fed up, the child would come out.
Yeah I agree that just being the child in this world cannot help you. But keeping the child alive in you will make a difference. Try waking up the child.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away.................

The lines of the rhyme, we usually sang in our childhood flashed into my mind on friday. All of a sudden my mind began to sing 'Rain Rain go away, come again another day, ...'I need to reach bus stand...'.

Yeah yeah, it was all because of my over confidence that I would make to the bus well in advance made me suffer so much. As usual I left the office at 7(My bus was at 9.15 : ), and i think the whole world conspired against me that day. there was a huge traffic pile up and i reached my place at 8.00. To add on it was raining like hell.

Took the bag, wore the jacket and ran. Hmm it was not difficult to run in the rain, The culprit were the spectacles, i could not see any thing , it was a horror experience crossing the road.huh..if I had the wiper on my spects. : ( By the time I reached the bus stop, i was completely drenched,to my fate, the bus shelter was also full, i could not even wait under the shelter..Took an auto, did not even screamed at the guy for asking 1.5, because i needed the auto badly.

The situation was worsened when the auto stopped due to the jam. It was not because I did not have time, but that I was hungry and the guy had stopped near the motel, where ppl were gorging on hot mirchis and hot hot tea. :( I controlled myself and just turned the other way.

The auto started and it was all smooth.Hmm... i thought now i am safe. But as they say 'picture abhi baaki hai dost', the road near the bus stand was one way an dthe auto guy asked me to get down in the other end, as he could not go further. I had no way other than giving away 50/- and walk all the was still raining heavily.

I reached the bus stand. And realised that the buses are not standing in the usual designated platforms. No space to stand, did not know where 25c platform was and it was 9.05. Whom so ever I asked, there was a nod saying 'They do not know'. I just felt like sinking, sorry i could not even do that, it was occupied to its capacity. And then cam ethe maseeha and suggested me to the way cautioning he was not SURE!!!

I had to take chance and just went in that direction, my bus had started and thanks to the jam, which allowed me to get my place. The seat# was 47 and it was the last seat. Cool... I am completely wet, last seat, hungry to core. what else can I ask for!!!

The bus started at 9.20 and just after 5 minutes, I see that my prayers were answered, The Rain had stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A suggestion to the Almighty!!!

Sometimes a long walk on a less noisy path while it is drizzling can make you do strange things. And one such walk made me suggest the almighty to change his design, which will make the object's(WE) life happy, until they are garbage collected. I am sorry for speaking in language of java.

I don't know since how long, but I always had a questing lingering in my mind. 'Why Me ?' or 'Why him/her?'. And never did I get any answers for that, the only answer was 'Its all because of the sins he has carry forwarded from his previous Janma'. I really do not understand this answer. Why should a person be punished for something which he did long long back and that too; not in this lifetime of his.

Whey can't the almighty make the person suffer for his sins in the same janma. Let the person realise that if he is bad, he is sure to get the bad results. At least this will avoid some crime in this world.

So 'Oh God these are my suggestions:'

- Firstly let me prove that your design is not good. As per your design you carry forward a man's sins to his next life. The repercussions are as follows:
  1. The man would never realise that because of the sins in his last life, he is having a disastrous life now. Even if he realises very little is what he can do to undo his sins.
  2. And in spite of being good now, if he is having bad life. You are demotivating your objects of being good. And moreover we are all men and its difficult to be saints.
  3. Why do you think we should be devoid of the success we deserve just because I did something long long back.
  4. An I think majority is with me. Lets face for what we do here itself and let us not carry forward the same.
  5. At least with the fear of having bad life mite make us do good. Let me tell you one thing, nobody is scared of having bad life in the next janma, but at least there will be some fear if the results are within his/her life span.

Hmm that's it from my side. You might be having deferring points as well. Please let me know the same through one of your objects.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bill Gates' 11 Rules of Life

Wonderful speech of a genius, Mr Bill Gates to high school students. He talks about the 11 rules that will not be taught in school.The excerpt is as below:

Rule 1: Life is not fair -- get used to it!

Rule 2: The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

Rule 3: You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for
burger flipping -- they called it opportunity.

Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you are. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. In some schools they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you FIND YOURSELF. Do that on your own time.

Rule 10: Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.

I just love this and a copy of this hangs in my cube as well.Thanks to my friend who took the pain of forwarding the mail to me. Wanted to share this with you guys. enjoy some more reading stuff.

What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20

Quite an interesting title for a blog, isn't it? The credit should go to my mentor who forwarded me a mail to go through the video with the title 'What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20' in the net.

This is an interesting lecture by Tina Seelig in the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. The title it self is so catchy that it almost instantly asked me to play the video. Thanks to him for forwarding, it was a very good learning and at the same time made me think, if i lost something in my life just because I did not know some points, when I was 20. Yes I did loose my good 5 years, not entirely though.

These five years have changed me to a person who is mature but I think I could have made more out of it IF..... I know, these ifs and buts don't make sense now. Its not too late either.

The striking point in the lecture was 'Importance of networking'. I think I was almost illiterate in this sense. I was person who was of the thought that, life is all about myself and most importantly the fact that I liked isolation ;almost made me a person to be a very very very small LAN, can say almost no connections(other than family ).

I realise the importance now and feel that the world is essentially small and you never know when u need some one. Its not in the career perspective but even for the development of one self you need people, I remember the line form my school text book 'Man is a social Animal'.

Yeah, I know that it will take some time for me to see the world in this new perspective.

The point in lecture which brought the smile on my lips was the one with the title 'Be Fabulous'. Wow the title tells it all and most importantly never miss an opportunity to be fabulous. So true.

'Career Advice: Don't Wait to be Anointed' was something which one needs to have in his/her attitude. And I think If we develop this attitude there will not be any cribs, disappointments or demotivations in this software world.

The only point I don't agree to her is 'The harder you work the luckier you get". Somehow I am not in terms with this line. I do believe in miracles, so you never know when I would say the above point is true.

Do try to spend some time watching, ''

Happy reading!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I miss the Solitude

I really miss the solitude i used to get in my previous job. The solitude which gave me time to know myself.

There were some great places which had become part of my life. They gave me the time to reunite with myself. When I say, i was alone. It was not because the others threw me to it, but something which i wanted. I made sure that everyday of mine will have few minutes of solitude in any of these places- Near the pool, Near the fish pond or outside building 26.

When I was there, it was just me and me. There was no one to ask me why i sat there or no one to disturb me. It was a feeling of being alone in a crowd with a difference that is with no noise.

Now in this new place I miss these places. I need to reinvent and get me a place which will bring back me in myself.

As they say : "Loneliness is not the same as being alone. Everyone has times when they are alone through circumstances or choice. Being alone can be experienced as positive, pleasurable, and emotionally refreshing if it is under the individuals control. Solitude is the state of being alone and secluded from other people, and often implies having made a conscious choice to be alone. Loneliness is therefore unwilling solitude."

I am now craving for it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

When good becomes bad!!!

Sometimes a questing lingers in my mind, do we have something called Good and Bad in this world. Can we really differentiate every entity in this world into 2 categories ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. Not possible. Just for the reason that each one of us are unique, something which seems good for me might not be good for the other person.

Last week, I was all ecstatic and was in good spirit through out the day. I could see that one of my acquaintance is jealous and the behaviour of hers towards me was not good. But I don’t know why, I never took that to heart and even thought that ‘She is not in a good mood’. I am less forgiving usually.

But last Monday, my mood was off and everything around me seemed like conspiring against me. A joke of my friend, which I usually enjoy;annoyed me so much that I just back fired. And all sorts of thoughts flooded; all of a sudden I felt that that friendof mine is no good and I believed her blindly all these days.

Deciding good or bad is just our state of mind. We are happy, the world seems happy and we are sad, everything else is bad.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Freedom or Independence

We had a essay competition in our company on Independence day's occasion. I had the least interest to go but went because of sowmya, my friend. Over there the essay requirements were as below:

Topic: freedom or independence
Criteria: It shd not be more than 61 words and not less than 50 words..
Time duration : 20 mins.

Oops, the 61 words condition was difficult to handle. I thought I will write it like a poem and it was something like this:

Out of mom's womb!!
Am happy, am Free!
But they aren't!!!
I am a GIRL!!!!

They try to kill , Mom cries,
Protests and runs...

It is dark,
mom walks with me.
They push, we fall.
Comes savior, but killed!!
Police laugh,
The Giants follow !!!

We run,
For the independence,
The tears fall from sky asking,
'Where is FREEDOM?"
still running.................

Do we have the freedom????

Guess what I got the first prize but the question still lingers!!!!!!!!

Life in INFY

Hmm.. Never did I think that the company I dreamt of getting into, would move out of my career so soon.

Yeah.. I remember the day, I was walking on the pavement, on the way to my college in 3rd semester, I saw a bus with a blue board and 'Infosys' written on it. I just prayed, let me get into this God. And I think there was tataastu from him so I got through the interview. It was my first and the last interview in last 3 years. I did not know what advantages i would get after joining but just that I wanted to get in. I loved the spirit of NRN and the stories of sudha murthy.

After I got my offer letter, i left to my home town did not turn my face to Bangalore till September 19th 2005, my first day in Infy. We came to the Mysore campus and the was just awed by the rooms and the campus. Made some good friends and started off with the software which I was very weak at. Not that I was from E&C background but I hated 'C' and myself and the computer were not great friends as well.

On the first day we had our soft skills training and the Dos and Don'ts in and outside the campus. The speakers were really good. The training program in Infy is really commendable.I owe my skills to this training.

We had a very strenuous generic training and the stream trainings. I think the best chapter of my life would be life in Mysore campus.
Basically I love reading and Infy had a huge library and there were no time restrictions. I used to study till 1.00-2.00 P.M in night and come back to the room. It was fun and fun. Nerdy ? ;)

I could see people studying late nights, the people who never opened their books in colleges were quite different over here. Infy changed them.

The trainings were over and I headed to Infy Bangalore, my first day being of 2nd Feb-2006. I had dreams backed by my achievements. When I joined Infy I had my own ideas and i don think blog is right place to share them. I tried every ounce to go near the dream. I was the topper in generic training and was even awarded the 'Best Trainee' award. And so i had very high expectations when i came to Bangalore. Ironically I could not fulfil many even after my hard work.As Ghalib says 'bahut nikle armaan mere, kambhakt jo bhi nikle kam nikle' Never mind, Life is a mix of fate and hard work and and I will keep trying.

Initially at the start I was frustrated with no work and i did create some big problems. yeah i laugh at myself now when i look back. But that was my urge to learn and grow!!

Got some good projects and my manger did help me out to grow, he gave me certain things to do that made me learn and know new aspects. New challenges came and went, I think i gave my 100% to them. But yes i grew technically but not in any other aspect. That frustrated me. It was not the fault of anyone but still my growth was hindered.

My visa did not go through twice and my dreams of on site gradually moved away from reality and since I had to move on in life. I decided to quit. Here I am writing this blog sitting in new company. Will write about my last day in Infy in the next post!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Search Algorithm

I was reading the online book 'What IF' by Steve.L.Robbins, which is the collection of stories and a learning attached to it. No..As you may think it is not philosophy or teachings book. This is different. Some real time humorous incidents and the author attaches a meaning to it.

OK.. Lets come to the point.The lines which made me to ponder over my thoughts were "Thanks, Dad, for showing us another place to look for our games when they get lost." These are the lines exclaimed by the son of the author to him when the author forces the son to search in the room which was the least probable place to find the lost toy.

Same is with our life.When we don't find the way to meet our goals, we think that all the doors are shut and never think of alternatives and behave as if this is the end.

Just open your eyes and you would find the right thing, the thing that u wanted badly, the goal you wanted to accomplish badly. i think I have done that now, I have found out my alternative route to move on in life. I am quitting the present company and moving on to a new company.

Fingers crossed. Hoping for the best.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The transition!!! What I was before 2 weeks and what I am now, the transition has happened and it has happened for good. I never realized that I have changed until yesterday. I got to know that I am being recognized for my work and I would get the appreciation from our client before all my project mates. After the meet, I was surrounded by the ‘Congrats’ of all of my teammates. But I was unmoved, I was not happy. It was as if it was another day for me.

The smiling faces with ‘congrats’ on their lips seemed nothing to me all of a sudden. The person who always loved to be recognized was indifferent to people’s praises. I realized I have lost myself. One of my friends teased me of attaining the sainthood. I laughed at her but the question still lingered- why am I like this now?

I thought that I was not that deserving candidate to be recognized and there were many who are still in their cocoons waiting to come out. The way for them, being a recognition. All philosophical thoughts flooded my mind all of a sudden. I just shrugged them off and left the place.

At night, I opened the book ‘The Fountainhead’ and started reading. The story had stopped at “The hero Howard Roark being called to the court and he listens to both the extreme praises and extreme shuns”, after every talk he just has a smile and says ‘No Questions’. For a moment I paused and looked at myself and thought, is the feeling of mine going to lead me to the state where Howard is?

Oh!!I am not comparing myself to the hero of the masterpiece and I do not want to be like Roark, I am fine being myself. I want to be the same human who enjoys the small joys and gets excited for the same. I don’t want to be the saint for whom everything is illusion.

Still the question remains why did I change? The reason may be that there were certain disappointments in life which demolished all the plans, made me loose myself. May be I want to prepare myself for the worst so I don’t want to get excited on the joys. Just the preparation for being the same in all situations.

There may be varied answers but the conclusion is as of now I am ‘INDIFFERENT’ to everything. May be a small dream of mine when it comes true, I will become human again.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


LUCK… I started using this word more often after I came to this so called “CORPORATE” world.
Sometimes I usually ask this question “What is Luck?” to myself and think for hours on it with the result of having a debate instead of THE answer. Seems strange but being mature enough; I am not able to find an answer for a question which appears to be simple but is quite complex at least in my perspective.

As the debate goes on while the process of thinking is in progress; One side has a valid point stating ‘Luck is something not in your hand; but truly playing an important part in your life’; is it so? Strange; as an avid believer from my childhood; one of the key points my mom had instilled in my mind that “U r the architect of your destiny, work and u will bear the fruits” I really cannot accept this point that something not in your hands can change our life. But the reality is something different.

At least when I was in my school; my mom’s advise was proved many times. So I always was optimistic about future thinking if anything happens that will be because of me. But slowly this feeling is diminishing after entering this so called CORPORATE world; the false faced people; hypocrites, some introverts some extroverts. Everything starting from the project you get, the work you get, the recognition; the appraisals, the growth. Hmmm the list grows as we think about it. All this depends on Luck. But as I start to take a stand that Luck is the ultimate. My other side of mind knocks and says “Hey I am still there, don’t take the judgement!!!”
The other side is very lucky; well prepared may be because it had enough time to prepare.

“LUCK is something which truly affects your life but this comes into picture only when you have worked”. This side is like my mom, who is very optimistic in life, “No matter what happens but I am sure I will get the results” You should be very strong at heart to be like this, which unluckily I have not inherited from my mom. Let’s be practical and watch the scenario, for how many ppl the luck has favored who really don’t deserve? May be it seems to us now that they are Lucky, but wait, do we know something about their previous life, their work. The answer is NO. So how can we say that the result was due to DUMB luck?
Hmm he has a valid point rite?

I have come up with a conclusion that “Success comes at the meeting point of the hard work and the luck”. Be prepared who knows when the luck knocks your door. May be late but the result is for sure.

What Say????

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I always thought that the most difficult thing in the world was to bear the difficulties. But I realise that it is not just bearing or facing the hardships, which is difficult. Anybody in this world will one or the other day come out of their hardships as the saying goes 'Even Impossible says I M POSSIBLE'. The real test comes when you will have to smile although you are crying from inside. I am in the same situation, and now i understand what makes a person strong.

All these days whenever i faced problems, i would go back to my cocoon and never face the world. I was called a moody person because i was never the same all the time. When i was happy i was all excited with everyone, the moment i was in problem I would never speak to anyone and was never part of any one's happiness or sorrows. The only reason i gave to myself was 'I am sad and so I do not want to be part of others happiness' and it was a valid point for me.

As days have passed, I realised just showing my depression, the only things that i have gained is the PITY of others.And i feel i don't deserve pity of someone for something which is not in my hand.And after all this is not the end. SO i have to be happy and ignore the pitfalls and keep moving.

And this behavior of mine is asking me to keep smiling although I am sad. I know it is difficult but i will learn it as days pass. I cry when it becomes unbearable but i cry in isolation, and the time i come out i give a smile.

I know that 'THE SHOW WILL GO ON' even if i am not there. So i have learnt to be happy and i will make sure i will make some one happy even when i am sad.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Laws Of Software - 1

Laws of Software:

How to get rid of people who use YOU?
First of all before you proceed with the reading, let me answer your basic question,
When should you say that you are being USED by certain set of people?

The answer is:

You can say that you are used by people when your answer is yes to any one of these:

- Do you feel that people flatter about you on face and then give a smile.(Beware! There is thin line between flatter and praise)
- When your senior counterparts degrade about your peers(your and not their’s) when they speak to you.
- Your senior asks you to do something even if you are not under them.
- You are neglected the time you stop helping them!

Ok so lets device a plan to get rid of these people smoothly without loosing your relationship.
As per my research and suggestions of my friends I feel these steps should be fine:
Step 1: Give a taunt to those, on their face stating that you know what they are doing and you are not a dumbo. The result can be as follows
- If the person has some shame he would stop doing that.(very rare)
- If that person has understood but ignores it since he cannot proceed without using you then jump to second step.
- If the person has not understood then jump to step 1 and repeat.

Step 2: If you think that the person is smart enough and would understand whatever you have told, but still he is acting as if he does not do that then, act as if you are busy and although you want to help them, you are not able to. (Smart escape).
- If he is adamant in taking the work goto step 3

Step 3: here you have to be careful in handling:
- If he is your senior then deal smoothly, take ur own time to do their work don’t be rude. But make them feel that you cannot be manipulated
- If he is your peer and you don’t care what he or she feels then be rude for a day (Official), and behave the normal personally.

You can avoid all these if:

- You don’t spend unnecessary time at office.
- Don’t get moved my people when they praise you
- Don’t be always available to them

Till now i could not practice them, although I have researched!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Why man tend to become selfish in the work place!!!!!!!!!!

Atlast this question is being answered today. The cheerful, helpful person all of a sudden turning out to be a selfish,mean and not helping is nothing but the product of the acts of the people around. The people who tend to use you. As long as you are there “YOU ARE GOOD and GREAT”, the minute you leave you are nothing to them. Just nothing!!!

You slowly start seeing the results of being humble and being ever ready to help.
- People will start taking you for granted.
- The moment u say u r little busy, you get to hear some nasty comments ‘BaDe log hai yaar’
- When you say you will not be able to do that work, they say you are selfish!!!!
- Hearing all these if you stretch and do you will get a smile.
- After all these the moment you leave the place or project, you become a ‘Anaamika’ for them

This is what is the corporate world. Alas I got the learning after 2 years but better to be late than never.