Monday, December 1, 2008

My Niece

Last time my visit to my hometown, was a family reunion. Time seems to fly when you are with your family. And time flies even faster when I am with my niece.

Actually speaking, I either fight or quarrel with her. Each time I take something from her, I just love to see the expression on her face and the energy with which she bounces on me to get that back. I just love her.

Last time we were fighting on the bed, and after every fight, she would fall down. But you should see the enthusiasm in her face, she would fall, but she would leap back and again start a fight with me. I would say enough but she would not.

Each time she fell, she got up to bounce back. At last I gave up and fell because if i would not have done that she would have fought with me the whole night.

And the moment I fell, she starting jumping with joy screaming "Nannu gedde..". After a moment she was nicely sleeping with her mom.

I could feel that she was tired yet she did not give up. Each time I saw the expression to fight back in her face, i remembered myself .

I don't know but I have started accepting life the way it is. I have started giving up easily.When I saw the serene face of my niece after the win, I was ashamed of myself of loosing the best quality of mine.

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