Monday, June 22, 2009

Spoiling your day...

Sometimes our behaviour is so silly... I was ashamed of myself today for the way i behaved yesterday with him.I did not realise that I was wrong until I read AB's blog where he has posted one of the mail forwards.

Yesterday I was doing my home work with the laptop for the next days office work and he was studying some of the tools in the other room.After an hour or so, he came up and said, lets go out and have masala puri. I reluctantly said yes as i was in no mood to go out since I was engrossed in studying. we went out, strolled around and came back. I started preparing chapatis after coming back.

At the same time, there was a daemon process was happening in my mind at the back end. Lots of thoughts were going on, since few weeks I was not able to be spending some time on my reading and that had really upset me yesterday. I was missing that time where I was with myself and reading lazily on bed.And somehow I thought that reason was him. and so i did not speak to him. He kept pestering me what was the reason. I just changed the topic and opened my laptop and started reading.

Now i feel bad for myself for accusing him although the real reason was me. I could not spend time on reading because I was too lazy and spent most of the time watching TV. But still I spoiled my day with useless thoughts and spoiling the mood of his and mine.

We had spent the whole day outside shopping and had nice time but i spoiled it in the night by my useless moody behaviour.

Sigh.. I will try to avoid and be less moody in future... :'-(

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dauda Dauda Bhaaga Bhaaga sa...

Run.Run.Run.. huh this is the theme of my post today. Yeah "Man runs behind the illusion".But philosophy is not the topic today. I have been running behind almost everything these days literally.

Life has gained the momentum all of a sudden and I am still not able to cope up with it.There is sudden outburst of work in the office,there are tensions in the current project and there is some new work assigned as well, which needs some reading.

Back to the home, he is very busy and is facing some tensions at office and is not keeping well. So have to take care of the house.I am a married woman, so no excuses.

My day starts off with getting up in the morning, preparing breakfast followed by packing his tiffin box.By the time all this is done, the maid comes and have to arrange things for her.Time just runs away, meantime have breakfast in hush hush and then run for the cab, else have to catch an auto.

Yeah i do catch up some sleep in the cab for an hour or so. :-) and then reach office, start off with the work.Its 6.45, have to run for the connecting cab again to reach other office and catch the cab to our stop. Reach home, prepare dinner, have it and then open the laptop, read for the next day. Its 12.00 by that time, go to bed and sleeppppppppppp.....

Huh its already morning again.... :-) But inspite of all these I am enjoying the pace of life.:-)
Douds Douda bhaaga bhaaga sa...

First Disastrous attempt

Sigh... never thought; that my first attempt of doing something new without asking any guidance from an experienced person would turn out to be a disaster..

All these days it was with the guidance of my mom,sis,inlaw, that i used to try out recipes.. Hm mm.. yesterday I decided to go ahead with a recipe from a print out sent by my friend. Never thought that it will be such a disaster :-(

Prepared chapatis and then thought of trying out something new, so started preparing tomato chutney (yeah it is new to me ). Followed the instructions carefully and accurately but I think I missed out something. Somehow when i was half way through i had a feeling that the result will be bad, but still had hopes till the end. At the end.. tasted it and huh.. its not even edible yaar..

Thought of adjusting but still the taste was so bad and weird.. the final destination of that chutney was dustbin and not our stomachs... :-(

Hmm raghus expression on tasting the chutney was also the same as it is in the image uploaded here.. :-(

Thought of doing RCA(root cause analysis) as to why my attempt failed(influence of my QA Husband) but was very disappointed after tasting it.So left it then and there itself..
Sigh.. my first disastrous attempt.. But I am an optimist and I will have some more attempts but with some guidance though..
Image Felt the cartoon is very apt for the situation so using it.