Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Laws Of Software - 1

Laws of Software:

How to get rid of people who use YOU?
First of all before you proceed with the reading, let me answer your basic question,
When should you say that you are being USED by certain set of people?

The answer is:

You can say that you are used by people when your answer is yes to any one of these:

- Do you feel that people flatter about you on face and then give a smile.(Beware! There is thin line between flatter and praise)
- When your senior counterparts degrade about your peers(your and not their’s) when they speak to you.
- Your senior asks you to do something even if you are not under them.
- You are neglected the time you stop helping them!

Ok so lets device a plan to get rid of these people smoothly without loosing your relationship.
As per my research and suggestions of my friends I feel these steps should be fine:
Step 1: Give a taunt to those, on their face stating that you know what they are doing and you are not a dumbo. The result can be as follows
- If the person has some shame he would stop doing that.(very rare)
- If that person has understood but ignores it since he cannot proceed without using you then jump to second step.
- If the person has not understood then jump to step 1 and repeat.

Step 2: If you think that the person is smart enough and would understand whatever you have told, but still he is acting as if he does not do that then, act as if you are busy and although you want to help them, you are not able to. (Smart escape).
- If he is adamant in taking the work goto step 3

Step 3: here you have to be careful in handling:
- If he is your senior then deal smoothly, take ur own time to do their work don’t be rude. But make them feel that you cannot be manipulated
- If he is your peer and you don’t care what he or she feels then be rude for a day (Official), and behave the normal personally.

You can avoid all these if:

- You don’t spend unnecessary time at office.
- Don’t get moved my people when they praise you
- Don’t be always available to them

Till now i could not practice them, although I have researched!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Why man tend to become selfish in the work place!!!!!!!!!!

Atlast this question is being answered today. The cheerful, helpful person all of a sudden turning out to be a selfish,mean and not helping is nothing but the product of the acts of the people around. The people who tend to use you. As long as you are there “YOU ARE GOOD and GREAT”, the minute you leave you are nothing to them. Just nothing!!!

You slowly start seeing the results of being humble and being ever ready to help.
- People will start taking you for granted.
- The moment u say u r little busy, you get to hear some nasty comments ‘BaDe log hai yaar’
- When you say you will not be able to do that work, they say you are selfish!!!!
- Hearing all these if you stretch and do you will get a smile.
- After all these the moment you leave the place or project, you become a ‘Anaamika’ for them

This is what is the corporate world. Alas I got the learning after 2 years but better to be late than never.