Friday, March 7, 2008

Why man tend to become selfish in the work place!!!!!!!!!!

Atlast this question is being answered today. The cheerful, helpful person all of a sudden turning out to be a selfish,mean and not helping is nothing but the product of the acts of the people around. The people who tend to use you. As long as you are there “YOU ARE GOOD and GREAT”, the minute you leave you are nothing to them. Just nothing!!!

You slowly start seeing the results of being humble and being ever ready to help.
- People will start taking you for granted.
- The moment u say u r little busy, you get to hear some nasty comments ‘BaDe log hai yaar’
- When you say you will not be able to do that work, they say you are selfish!!!!
- Hearing all these if you stretch and do you will get a smile.
- After all these the moment you leave the place or project, you become a ‘Anaamika’ for them

This is what is the corporate world. Alas I got the learning after 2 years but better to be late than never.

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