Friday, December 21, 2007

How it feels when you are on BENCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm... 'BENCH'. The dictionary meaning says worktable, work surface, worktop, workbench etc etc. But I have a different meaning for this word. Let me embellish on this.

Life after a hectic schedules and late night works has suddenly come to STAND STILL. When i say stand still i genuinely mean it. All of a sudden you see; people indulged in their own work and hiding themselves in their self built cacoon with a board which says 'BUSY' or 'DO NOT DISTURB'. I was in the same state till yesterday when i used to feel '24 hrs are not enough' but now i feel that 'How can people be so busy; Boss you have 24 hours ?' hmm... quite contradicting. But true in my sense.

When i say free i have time for everything now; be it blogging or anything from official to personal.

Ok, i had started the blog with the meaning of the word 'BENCH' and i had promised you to embellish on its meaning in my context. Rite now in my context the word means as fun, without work, enjoy etc etc. This is because rite now i am without work and i am free. The fun part is that i am paid for what i am doing now. :-)

Keeping the fun part aside, i do feel bad because me being a workaholic i cannot be stand still without anything especially when peolpe around are peeping into their computer screens and are indulged in their own world.

I am bored to death but alas my destiny says enjoy the time now and i am doing that.

Get back to your work guys... I am on BENCH but not you.


sujansays said...

heye heye Atlast ranju is in happy ...and enjoy maadi :P

Rammohan said...

Wow...Its true. But you should thank god for everything he gives. If he is taking something from your hand it doesn't mean you are losing something, it means god is gonna give which is something really worth that something you deserve...So happy Bench life. For me bench life is awesome with movies, games & songs and always fun. I am missing those days. Have a great time ranjitha :-)

amulya said...

u def need a brk after wrkg continously....take it when u get it...and enjoy it as long as it lasts....
there are much better things to do...other then work :D

j.bhuvanendra said...

Congrats... I wish u all fun and frolic during ur tryst with the bench life. Don't ever forget to rock ur bench life and enjoy it as much as u enjoyed coding. :). Hope u ll mak it a memorable one for u to cherish in the years to come.