Thursday, December 20, 2007

Why dont managers keep their words???

Hmm... Managers are managers. After having survived in this corporate world, i was lill dumb to realise "What are managers made of?" off late. Never did the situation come to me where i had to ask for a favor* from my manager.

Since two months i had to move around to ask for what i deserve but alas still it has not happened. Ofcourse i understand Mr Manager that you work for your company and your appraisal is also important for you. But since you are at such position you also need to think that you need to cater personal interests of your sub ordinates.

I just have one suggestion to them, dont try to hide things from us. This really irritates. You might think that you have lied and you would retain us for some time. Later we are not that dumb to stay here forever. Hmmm... I know that if not me they have someone else :( .

And another piece of request is not to behave like politician. Say 'No' if that cant be done. Please do not use all your Soft skills here and give false hopes to your employees. This really hurts.

Moreover why am i venting out my anger over here... I do have a choice to leave them. Let me go and try that...

* - I should have used the word 'deserve' but was forced to use the word 'favor' because this is what my managers think.

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