Friday, June 19, 2009

Dauda Dauda Bhaaga Bhaaga sa...

Run.Run.Run.. huh this is the theme of my post today. Yeah "Man runs behind the illusion".But philosophy is not the topic today. I have been running behind almost everything these days literally.

Life has gained the momentum all of a sudden and I am still not able to cope up with it.There is sudden outburst of work in the office,there are tensions in the current project and there is some new work assigned as well, which needs some reading.

Back to the home, he is very busy and is facing some tensions at office and is not keeping well. So have to take care of the house.I am a married woman, so no excuses.

My day starts off with getting up in the morning, preparing breakfast followed by packing his tiffin box.By the time all this is done, the maid comes and have to arrange things for her.Time just runs away, meantime have breakfast in hush hush and then run for the cab, else have to catch an auto.

Yeah i do catch up some sleep in the cab for an hour or so. :-) and then reach office, start off with the work.Its 6.45, have to run for the connecting cab again to reach other office and catch the cab to our stop. Reach home, prepare dinner, have it and then open the laptop, read for the next day. Its 12.00 by that time, go to bed and sleeppppppppppp.....

Huh its already morning again.... :-) But inspite of all these I am enjoying the pace of life.:-)
Douds Douda bhaaga bhaaga sa...

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