Monday, June 22, 2009

Spoiling your day...

Sometimes our behaviour is so silly... I was ashamed of myself today for the way i behaved yesterday with him.I did not realise that I was wrong until I read AB's blog where he has posted one of the mail forwards.

Yesterday I was doing my home work with the laptop for the next days office work and he was studying some of the tools in the other room.After an hour or so, he came up and said, lets go out and have masala puri. I reluctantly said yes as i was in no mood to go out since I was engrossed in studying. we went out, strolled around and came back. I started preparing chapatis after coming back.

At the same time, there was a daemon process was happening in my mind at the back end. Lots of thoughts were going on, since few weeks I was not able to be spending some time on my reading and that had really upset me yesterday. I was missing that time where I was with myself and reading lazily on bed.And somehow I thought that reason was him. and so i did not speak to him. He kept pestering me what was the reason. I just changed the topic and opened my laptop and started reading.

Now i feel bad for myself for accusing him although the real reason was me. I could not spend time on reading because I was too lazy and spent most of the time watching TV. But still I spoiled my day with useless thoughts and spoiling the mood of his and mine.

We had spent the whole day outside shopping and had nice time but i spoiled it in the night by my useless moody behaviour.

Sigh.. I will try to avoid and be less moody in future... :'-(

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