Thursday, July 30, 2009

Use and Throw...

How do you feel when all of a sudden, the work you were doing is done by others without you being informed. Its really a strange feeling making you feel frustrated as well as irritated. Both the adjectives are needed to show the amount of anger you feel in this scenario.

Its human nature, whether you like or dislike doing that job, if it is given to someone else without you knowing about it, they tend to feel down or anxious.

This is fine as long as there is proper communication done before allotting the work, whatever may be the reason(you being less efficient or ur over paid) but when it is done in 100% opacity, it is unethical.

This is the truth in software industry.. you are indispensable today and tomorrow you are disposable.. After all we are "Use and Throw" and not "Renewable" resources.


Jam said...

hi...i can understand ur frustration. its been done all the time not only in software industry, but in many places. but there is a bright side for doing this. by beying opaque, two or more people try to do things in their own way without getting influence of other's thoughts/ideas. later, different original ideas are critically analysed and the best will be chosen. now here is the catch, sometimes, the best one might be yours! so don't worry if they assign the same task to others...its done only because they want to bring out the best in you and be competitive :).

Jam said...

omg...juz now i saw its an year old post! i hope things wud ve changed by now :).