Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Birthday... The day which marked the beginning of my life on this earth, and the day which comes with a BIG question every year thrown at me. The question that always frightens me.

Every year I mark the D day as the exam day; the exam which examines my life in the passed year.And somehow i fall below the expectations of mine in the exam and this is what frightens me and makes me feel dizzy about my birthday.

Birthday is another normal day for me, except that I take head bath :-) and call my mom without fail. For some years, there used to be some midnight calls from my close(?) friends, which stopped after one time.I never believed in midnight calls and wished them only during the day so they never repeated their calls :-)

However there are few friends of mine who are genuine enough and call me on the same day or after 2-3 days. Believe me; I feel good on receiving their calls.

This year, since it was my first birthday after the marriage;I had few expectations from my husband but thought that they would never materialize as he was very sick during my birthday.I had least expectations as he was very ill and was very week. But to my surprise he wakes me at 3.00 A.M,(he being still dizzy due to the tablets); asks me to cut the cake and then gifts me bunch of roses,chocolate and a gentle..... :-)

It was such a nice pleasant surprise and I loved it. And this years day was spent in the office from 9.00 Am to 9.00 PM. A "WORKING BIRTHDAY". And I enjoyed it the most, with good work and greater responsibilities.

Hoping to have one birthday which would make me satisfied of what I have achieved..

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Chirag Khara said...

wow... gud to knw you had a great great birthday Ranju!

It'll take sometime before you will celebrate that birthday when you be satisfied of what you have achieved. Bcoz you have still a lot more to achieve...

God bless you sis!