Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Search Algorithm

I was reading the online book 'What IF' by Steve.L.Robbins, which is the collection of stories and a learning attached to it. No..As you may think it is not philosophy or teachings book. This is different. Some real time humorous incidents and the author attaches a meaning to it.

OK.. Lets come to the point.The lines which made me to ponder over my thoughts were "Thanks, Dad, for showing us another place to look for our games when they get lost." These are the lines exclaimed by the son of the author to him when the author forces the son to search in the room which was the least probable place to find the lost toy.

Same is with our life.When we don't find the way to meet our goals, we think that all the doors are shut and never think of alternatives and behave as if this is the end.

Just open your eyes and you would find the right thing, the thing that u wanted badly, the goal you wanted to accomplish badly. i think I have done that now, I have found out my alternative route to move on in life. I am quitting the present company and moving on to a new company.

Fingers crossed. Hoping for the best.

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RANGA said...

all the best Ranjitha....may ur dreams come true.