Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life in INFY

Hmm.. Never did I think that the company I dreamt of getting into, would move out of my career so soon.

Yeah.. I remember the day, I was walking on the pavement, on the way to my college in 3rd semester, I saw a bus with a blue board and 'Infosys' written on it. I just prayed, let me get into this God. And I think there was tataastu from him so I got through the interview. It was my first and the last interview in last 3 years. I did not know what advantages i would get after joining but just that I wanted to get in. I loved the spirit of NRN and the stories of sudha murthy.

After I got my offer letter, i left to my home town did not turn my face to Bangalore till September 19th 2005, my first day in Infy. We came to the Mysore campus and the was just awed by the rooms and the campus. Made some good friends and started off with the software which I was very weak at. Not that I was from E&C background but I hated 'C' and myself and the computer were not great friends as well.

On the first day we had our soft skills training and the Dos and Don'ts in and outside the campus. The speakers were really good. The training program in Infy is really commendable.I owe my skills to this training.

We had a very strenuous generic training and the stream trainings. I think the best chapter of my life would be life in Mysore campus.
Basically I love reading and Infy had a huge library and there were no time restrictions. I used to study till 1.00-2.00 P.M in night and come back to the room. It was fun and fun. Nerdy ? ;)

I could see people studying late nights, the people who never opened their books in colleges were quite different over here. Infy changed them.

The trainings were over and I headed to Infy Bangalore, my first day being of 2nd Feb-2006. I had dreams backed by my achievements. When I joined Infy I had my own ideas and i don think blog is right place to share them. I tried every ounce to go near the dream. I was the topper in generic training and was even awarded the 'Best Trainee' award. And so i had very high expectations when i came to Bangalore. Ironically I could not fulfil many even after my hard work.As Ghalib says 'bahut nikle armaan mere, kambhakt jo bhi nikle kam nikle' Never mind, Life is a mix of fate and hard work and and I will keep trying.

Initially at the start I was frustrated with no work and i did create some big problems. yeah i laugh at myself now when i look back. But that was my urge to learn and grow!!

Got some good projects and my manger did help me out to grow, he gave me certain things to do that made me learn and know new aspects. New challenges came and went, I think i gave my 100% to them. But yes i grew technically but not in any other aspect. That frustrated me. It was not the fault of anyone but still my growth was hindered.

My visa did not go through twice and my dreams of on site gradually moved away from reality and since I had to move on in life. I decided to quit. Here I am writing this blog sitting in new company. Will write about my last day in Infy in the next post!!

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Chirag Khara said...

Wow! Truth explained simply..with 100% purity!

Keep growing this way.. the harder life gets the more we learn from it!

All d best for ur new role.