Friday, November 14, 2008

Keep the Child in You Alive

Today is Nov 14,better known as Children's day. My inbox had quite a number of mails with the subject 'Happy Children's day'. One of the mails read 'Keep the child in you alive'.
As i look back i don't know if the child in me is still alive or if I have buried it somewhere.
We are so careful in our career that we no longer wish to do what we like.
We look everything in a mature perspective. It is so mature that we try to seek the profit in whatever we do.
We no longer get ourselves indulged in something which is our hobby, simple reason is we do not have time.
We no longer feel happy when someone else wins in the competition.
We no longer like to attend a cousin's marriage just because it is far and I would have to take a
leave, which could be used for a trip with friends otherwise.
Sigh.. I sometimes want to dance in the rain but I don't thinking what would be people's reaction.
I like to do what I want but never bring that to action.
I know that somewhere there is a child in me , the child is just hidden behind the adult. The day this adult says she is fed up, the child would come out.
Yeah I agree that just being the child in this world cannot help you. But keeping the child alive in you will make a difference. Try waking up the child.

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