Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away.................

The lines of the rhyme, we usually sang in our childhood flashed into my mind on friday. All of a sudden my mind began to sing 'Rain Rain go away, come again another day, ...'I need to reach bus stand...'.

Yeah yeah, it was all because of my over confidence that I would make to the bus well in advance made me suffer so much. As usual I left the office at 7(My bus was at 9.15 : ), and i think the whole world conspired against me that day. there was a huge traffic pile up and i reached my place at 8.00. To add on it was raining like hell.

Took the bag, wore the jacket and ran. Hmm it was not difficult to run in the rain, The culprit were the spectacles, i could not see any thing , it was a horror experience crossing the road.huh..if I had the wiper on my spects. : ( By the time I reached the bus stop, i was completely drenched,to my fate, the bus shelter was also full, i could not even wait under the shelter..Took an auto, did not even screamed at the guy for asking 1.5, because i needed the auto badly.

The situation was worsened when the auto stopped due to the jam. It was not because I did not have time, but that I was hungry and the guy had stopped near the motel, where ppl were gorging on hot mirchis and hot hot tea. :( I controlled myself and just turned the other way.

The auto started and it was all smooth.Hmm... i thought now i am safe. But as they say 'picture abhi baaki hai dost', the road near the bus stand was one way an dthe auto guy asked me to get down in the other end, as he could not go further. I had no way other than giving away 50/- and walk all the way.it was still raining heavily.

I reached the bus stand. And realised that the buses are not standing in the usual designated platforms. No space to stand, did not know where 25c platform was and it was 9.05. Whom so ever I asked, there was a nod saying 'They do not know'. I just felt like sinking, sorry i could not even do that, it was occupied to its capacity. And then cam ethe maseeha and suggested me to the way cautioning he was not SURE!!!

I had to take chance and just went in that direction, my bus had started and thanks to the jam, which allowed me to get my place. The seat# was 47 and it was the last seat. Cool... I am completely wet, last seat, hungry to core. what else can I ask for!!!

The bus started at 9.20 and just after 5 minutes, I see that my prayers were answered, The Rain had stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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