Monday, October 20, 2008

A suggestion to the Almighty!!!

Sometimes a long walk on a less noisy path while it is drizzling can make you do strange things. And one such walk made me suggest the almighty to change his design, which will make the object's(WE) life happy, until they are garbage collected. I am sorry for speaking in language of java.

I don't know since how long, but I always had a questing lingering in my mind. 'Why Me ?' or 'Why him/her?'. And never did I get any answers for that, the only answer was 'Its all because of the sins he has carry forwarded from his previous Janma'. I really do not understand this answer. Why should a person be punished for something which he did long long back and that too; not in this lifetime of his.

Whey can't the almighty make the person suffer for his sins in the same janma. Let the person realise that if he is bad, he is sure to get the bad results. At least this will avoid some crime in this world.

So 'Oh God these are my suggestions:'

- Firstly let me prove that your design is not good. As per your design you carry forward a man's sins to his next life. The repercussions are as follows:
  1. The man would never realise that because of the sins in his last life, he is having a disastrous life now. Even if he realises very little is what he can do to undo his sins.
  2. And in spite of being good now, if he is having bad life. You are demotivating your objects of being good. And moreover we are all men and its difficult to be saints.
  3. Why do you think we should be devoid of the success we deserve just because I did something long long back.
  4. An I think majority is with me. Lets face for what we do here itself and let us not carry forward the same.
  5. At least with the fear of having bad life mite make us do good. Let me tell you one thing, nobody is scared of having bad life in the next janma, but at least there will be some fear if the results are within his/her life span.

Hmm that's it from my side. You might be having deferring points as well. Please let me know the same through one of your objects.


Chirag Khara said...

Hey my dear dear sis... this is reallyyy cute... so u finally did end up writing ur thoughts also in Java!! :))

I cannot be that God's object whom u mentioned in the last line... but I think your initial estimation that we get results of our karma in another janma is maybe a bit theoretically incorrect.

I think when God made these objects (us)... he packaged us in Beans and distributed us on the systems. Now he did not take into effect the way one object wud influence the other in his design.

Though that does not mean that God did not know programming. I think he did this purposely... he wanted his program to terminate at some point! Maybe all his objects itself will be the reason of a absolute system crash... but if he went otherwise.. the objects wudnt need him... the objects will overcome him!

I think when God is done with working in this company (called Earth) he will go and join some other company... and maybe write a new code thr... based on a different line maybe... wut say?? :)
I am satisfied to say maybe i will be a new object in that company. :)

Wutever we do, being scared or being bad or being gud... is a part of the God's business logic.. we dont control it u see... so we objects cant complain... all we can do is... not throw exceptions and cause the program to terminate... bcoz it wud mean annihilation coming more quickly. :)

lost again said...

Its hard enough to understand life in normal sense and now life in a programming language just gives it the touch my life always needed ... sighhh

Madhan said...

forgetting about life after death, i feel god has given us enough intelligence to choose between right and wrong(infact lil more to find out flaws in his design). I guess we can choose to do wht we feel is correct and will not do much harm for others if not make others life better., what say?

Ranjitha.P.R said...

Hi madan, thanks for the comments. Yeah I do agree that we are intelligent enough to choose between good and bad. But How many ppl around us do that. I mite be going in the rite path but the ppl around make our life hell, because of their bad deeds.Its just that u mite be good but not necesserily u will reap good fruits.