Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"Why does it happen to me?", wondered ari, a software engineer by profession. She was devastated because nothing was happening in her life that could kindle a ray of hope. She has been waiting since long to reap the fruits but nothing happened yet.

"Ari, is a person who can be trusted with any kind of work. Whatever may be the situation but she will come out in colours", were the words of the managers under whom she worked. She was hard working at the sametime was too loyal to her work. But this never reflected in her career growth. She was fed up.

She decided one day that she will not work anymore till she gets what she wants. She spent 2 days with no productivity. "Why am I doing this?" was the only question she had in her mind. She could not sleep peacefully, but she decided whatever it is she will not work.

Next day she comes to the office, with a call from her manager immediately. "Ari we are in trouble, can you please look into it." The instant answer was 'Yes!!" . She starts the work..

This is the problem with her. She is too loyal to her work. Too loyal.....Nobody can stop her from doing the work,not even the humiliation, not even the depression..


lost again said...

story abt urself? ;-)

Chirag Khara said...

When Ari works for herself... she can be what she now is.
But when Ari needs to do lots of other things.... she needs to speak, to understand, to act, to plan, to learn and to balance.
All start from what Ari is, and end up to what they become.