Thursday, September 18, 2008

When good becomes bad!!!

Sometimes a questing lingers in my mind, do we have something called Good and Bad in this world. Can we really differentiate every entity in this world into 2 categories ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. Not possible. Just for the reason that each one of us are unique, something which seems good for me might not be good for the other person.

Last week, I was all ecstatic and was in good spirit through out the day. I could see that one of my acquaintance is jealous and the behaviour of hers towards me was not good. But I don’t know why, I never took that to heart and even thought that ‘She is not in a good mood’. I am less forgiving usually.

But last Monday, my mood was off and everything around me seemed like conspiring against me. A joke of my friend, which I usually enjoy;annoyed me so much that I just back fired. And all sorts of thoughts flooded; all of a sudden I felt that that friendof mine is no good and I believed her blindly all these days.

Deciding good or bad is just our state of mind. We are happy, the world seems happy and we are sad, everything else is bad.

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