Thursday, June 5, 2008


I always thought that the most difficult thing in the world was to bear the difficulties. But I realise that it is not just bearing or facing the hardships, which is difficult. Anybody in this world will one or the other day come out of their hardships as the saying goes 'Even Impossible says I M POSSIBLE'. The real test comes when you will have to smile although you are crying from inside. I am in the same situation, and now i understand what makes a person strong.

All these days whenever i faced problems, i would go back to my cocoon and never face the world. I was called a moody person because i was never the same all the time. When i was happy i was all excited with everyone, the moment i was in problem I would never speak to anyone and was never part of any one's happiness or sorrows. The only reason i gave to myself was 'I am sad and so I do not want to be part of others happiness' and it was a valid point for me.

As days have passed, I realised just showing my depression, the only things that i have gained is the PITY of others.And i feel i don't deserve pity of someone for something which is not in my hand.And after all this is not the end. SO i have to be happy and ignore the pitfalls and keep moving.

And this behavior of mine is asking me to keep smiling although I am sad. I know it is difficult but i will learn it as days pass. I cry when it becomes unbearable but i cry in isolation, and the time i come out i give a smile.

I know that 'THE SHOW WILL GO ON' even if i am not there. So i have learnt to be happy and i will make sure i will make some one happy even when i am sad.

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