Wednesday, June 11, 2008


LUCK… I started using this word more often after I came to this so called “CORPORATE” world.
Sometimes I usually ask this question “What is Luck?” to myself and think for hours on it with the result of having a debate instead of THE answer. Seems strange but being mature enough; I am not able to find an answer for a question which appears to be simple but is quite complex at least in my perspective.

As the debate goes on while the process of thinking is in progress; One side has a valid point stating ‘Luck is something not in your hand; but truly playing an important part in your life’; is it so? Strange; as an avid believer from my childhood; one of the key points my mom had instilled in my mind that “U r the architect of your destiny, work and u will bear the fruits” I really cannot accept this point that something not in your hands can change our life. But the reality is something different.

At least when I was in my school; my mom’s advise was proved many times. So I always was optimistic about future thinking if anything happens that will be because of me. But slowly this feeling is diminishing after entering this so called CORPORATE world; the false faced people; hypocrites, some introverts some extroverts. Everything starting from the project you get, the work you get, the recognition; the appraisals, the growth. Hmmm the list grows as we think about it. All this depends on Luck. But as I start to take a stand that Luck is the ultimate. My other side of mind knocks and says “Hey I am still there, don’t take the judgement!!!”
The other side is very lucky; well prepared may be because it had enough time to prepare.

“LUCK is something which truly affects your life but this comes into picture only when you have worked”. This side is like my mom, who is very optimistic in life, “No matter what happens but I am sure I will get the results” You should be very strong at heart to be like this, which unluckily I have not inherited from my mom. Let’s be practical and watch the scenario, for how many ppl the luck has favored who really don’t deserve? May be it seems to us now that they are Lucky, but wait, do we know something about their previous life, their work. The answer is NO. So how can we say that the result was due to DUMB luck?
Hmm he has a valid point rite?

I have come up with a conclusion that “Success comes at the meeting point of the hard work and the luck”. Be prepared who knows when the luck knocks your door. May be late but the result is for sure.

What Say????

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