Friday, March 13, 2009

To Be Myself

Many a times we try to be somebody else before others. We always move around with 2 faces. Finally the one who is going to suffer is us.

The pre- marital days are the ones where the boy and the girl try to get to know each other . Since I am undergoing the same phase I have tried my best not to impress him but to let him know what I am.

I have seen some people posing to be different person before his/her fiance. This is not to impress them but not to hurt them.The sole reason being "They Love Them" and so they are ready to accept things against their wish.I admire their feeling.

But after some years I have seen them suffer because they had compromised in the shortcomings of their partner. They made their partner happy but in turn they had hurted their conscience. For some this might not be the case as they are happy to be like that.

I always believe that, if your partner truly loves you, he would never want you to compromise or get hurt.It really hurts me when I cheat myself so i have tried hard to be myself before him.

Of course I do understand that for a relationship to grow adjustments and compromises are needed. But when this tends to be one sided, it leads to erupt after sometime.

I have tried to be myself before him. Not sure if he is dissappointed with this behaviour but I think I am rite, atleast I dont want to act before him and neither does he wants me to do so.

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