Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Yesterday after the long search for a house, finally got one as per our budget. Myself and my fiancee went to meet the owner after finishing our office.

The owner was adamant about the advance and the rent initially, yet another disappointment. We walked out saying it is not affordable. As we were discussing outside the house; with the broker, the lady (owners wife) called me in. I was little surprised about her move.

As I went in, the owner said, "Please quote your rent, My wife is forcing me to give the house to you". i was little surprised by her behaviour.Later he explained that his children have left them and it seems i look like her grand daughter. Ah..touchy.

Felt bad to those millions of parents who sacrifice their lives for their children and yet face the loneliness at their last stages. Really I do not understand what makes the children do it.

If you are doing the same think over!!!

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