Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Questions unanswered

Some questions bug me a lot and one among them is "Should we really pray God for our well being?"

Does the Almighty; being called as the Father of the universe, wants his children to pray and plead him? Does he want his kids to praise and impress him? My personal feeling is;No person wants his/her children to plead them.

Yeah, when we are asking for something from someone, I agree that we are at the receiving end so we should take the first initiative of asking.But this question never arises when it is between somebody who share a father-child relationship.

So many times I have heard that nothing happens without HIS wish. Then why do we have to struggle around, plead him to change the destiny? If the destiny is already written, then things cannot change. The good part is we are given choices and its the choice we make that makes the destiny.The irony is that he wants us to be brave, to face something which is already written.

I really do not know since when i stopped praying, when i feel alone, i speak to him or i write the diary and vent out my feelings.

Since a week or so, i am practising the 'I choose to be Happy' principle. And whenever i am with the choice of being sad or happy, i try to choose happiness. But since the day I have started doing it, I see that the choice of happiness has the least probability. :-)

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