Tuesday, March 24, 2009

To Be Myself-Continued

Started reading Amitabh's blog from last week, can say have become a regular,addicted visitor to the same.

As I opened his blog in the morning,saw an interesting post which speaks about relationships and the dilemmas in handling them. It actually spoke one angle of my perspective which i shared in the last post 'To Be Myself'.

I would like to share some of the lines of his post over here:

"I take some comfort in the fact that my father too found writing foreword’s a cumbersome process. He mentions that in many of his musings that I have been going through. Honesty in expressing what he truly felt was his hallmark. Not many appreciated that, simply because those he wrote for, expected praise. If the subject was worthy of it he would gladly mention it. If not he would honestly deride it. Not many had the courage to do that.

In life at times we face similar dilemmas. Who to say what to and when. And when we do would it be received in the spirit of frank honesty or apprehension of misunderstanding. Vital opinions essential for the moment have the misfortune of getting covered in a blanket of silence and muted for fear of disturbing the object of comment. Sometimes with disastrous consequences. So generally the easier path is taken. Better to be quiet and not lose a relationship than otherwise.

Relationships, though have their own graph. Many in them expect that you speak up. It demonstrates strength and belief and confidence of understanding. If.. both parties remain on the same plain. Many a times it is this very plain that becomes the cause of the disturbance.

Delicate !! Difficult !! Sensitive !! Undecided !!
Most would rather not ruffle the feathers.

I sometimes exercise discretion. I find myself taking it upon myself rather than passing it on. And a simple philosophy to justify that. Better one troubled being than two !! Better me than he."

"Better me than he" - wonderful lines to end the other perspective.

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