Thursday, March 26, 2009


Life becomes more beautiful when you get something which you never expected.

These small joys actually makes up for your long day of disappointments.

Raghu called me up and informed me that he will come to my hostel at around 9.00 P.M and insisted on going for a long walk near our hostel. I was actually not in a mood to meet him, which was due to the time consuming activity in the office. I was tired so wanted to have a good sleep. But still bowed down for his insistence.

As we started walking, he took out a chocolate and gave it to me. I was surprised. As I finished that choc(ofcourse i shared it with him); he gave me another one which was followed by another eclair.

It was a pleasant surprise for me.His gestures made me happy.I felt special on that lonely road. The road was not lonely but still I felt it lonely as I was feeling special. :-) huh.. feelings outburst..

Pleasant surprises are good medicine for leading a pleasant life.

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lost again said...

way to go :) so whts after chocs?