Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GenDa Phool..

The song 'GenDa Phool' from the movie Delhi-6 has some charm in it. Ever since I have heard it, i have been humming it atleast once a day. But never did I have the anxiety to know the meaning of the lyrics, until today when my friend asked me what does 'Genda phool' mean?.

Ah.. thanks to my hindi knowledge, which prompted me to tell the meaning as CauliFlower. God knows where I got this idea from..:-) lol
But somewhere I knew that I was wrong, came back and went to our own knowledge base 'Google' for the answer. Wow..there are 4960 results for Genda Phool.. Hmm .. amazing..

Came across a link which gave me the meaning of the whole song, here is the brief from the link:

Hoye hoye hoye, Hoye hoye hoye

Saiyaan ched dewe,
>>my husband keeps on teasing me
Nanad chutki leve,
>>the younger sister of my husband keeps on taunting me
Sasural genda phool,
>>sasural = in law's house, genda: name of a flower, marigold
Saas gaari deve
>>the mother of my husband keeps on abusing me
Dewar samjha deve
>>the younger brother of my husband keeps on explaining to me
Sasural genda phool
Choda babul ka angana
>>I had left the house of my father
Bhaave deraa piya ka, ho
>>I am liking the house of my husband
Saiyaan hain vypaari
>>my husband is a businessman
Chale hain pardes
> >he is going to foreign place
Sooratiyaan niharun
> >I am looking at his face
jiyara bhaari hove,
>>my heart is becoming heavy
Bushirt pahine
>>having attired in a shirt
khaai ke bida paan
>>having chewn a betel
Poore Raipur se alag hai, Saiyaan ji ki shaan
>>the glory of my husband is apart from that of anyone else in entire Raipur city

The essence lies surely in 'genda phool' .... gendha aka marigold is a special type of a flower. Its an Inflorescence. Inflorescence, as in every leaf of 'gendha phool' is a complete flower in itself. While every leaf/petal of the 'gendha' is a flower in itself, a gendha is complete, beautiful and can live only when all petals are together. sasural gendha phool - the sasural has so many characters : saas, devar, nanad, et cetera, ... some not so nice to the bahu (saas gaari/gaali dewe) ... some nice to her (dewarji samjha lewein), yet the newly wed bahu knows that her sasural is beautiful (and will be a happy place) because of each and every character.

courtesy: Mayank,


Hema said...

Hey Nice work with the translation, I like the song a lot too..
are you with Mindtree consulting by any chance? hInt was 'Go Kiss the World' Subroto Bagchi

Ranjitha.P.R said...

Hi Hema, Thanks for the valuable comment. Evn I like the song. No, I am a software professional but I am not working with Mind tree.

Akshaya said...

Hi! Nice work and nice song! By the way can you send my the mp3 version of this song at akbiswal_at_gmail_dot_com?