Thursday, February 19, 2009


So many times I have wondered why people pretend.

So many times when we get impressed by someone we try to imitate them.We try toshow we are ideal.I don't say that you don't take the positives from some person but just that don't pretend . Sometimes we pretend just to impress people. I remember one of the articles of Ravi Belegere where he says that the day you pretend to be someone, you will be 'SOMEONE' forever and you will never be 'YOURSELF'.

Remembered those days when i came across the message and have penned down here.Yet I don't say people who try to be the best are pretentious. As they say "The Downside of being better than everyone else is That People Tend to Assume you are Pretentious".

There is a thin line of demarcation. It is left to us to decide whether a person is pretensious or he is what he is. Before you tell she pretends, make sure you really KNOW he/she is pretending

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