Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"All that happens is for Good"

Let me assure you that through this blog, I am not going to unleash the path to the so called "Happiness" by uttering the above line.

Alas..the optimistic herd around me have told these lines innumerable times and now I hate this line.

When it hurts,we cry and ask "Why me?" and then gradually when the situation becomes habit, we tend to console and tell our self "All that happens is for Good!!", and we try to get the learning out of that stupid- bad incident.(Even if there are none, we invent or discover some learning).

I admire the human nature, which cries yesterday saying "Why Me God??" and then smiles today saying "Thank God it happened to me!!!!" . Its just a way of escape, where we run away by just accepting. Because we are left with no way but to accept and move ahead.

I hate the line "All that happens is for Good!!", this cannot be true.May be they use this just to get some strength to move on and march ahead by gaining some optimism.Move ahead in life, be Optimistic but please don't utter the above line.You need not accept that the bad was good just to move on. You can still go ahead saying "What happened was bad, Hope It does not repeat".

Somehow I can't bear people who say this often. So when people start saying the above line, i just stop them before getting irritated.

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Chirag Khara said...

when I say "All that happens is for Good!!"...
1) People think that he is trying to be modest or maybe he is consoling himself for what he could not have got.
2) Within me I am thinking that somehow i need to be optimistic with whatever little i have gained and whatever lot i have lost.

3) But the God above you, is thinking his work is done, in the entirety he has given you exactly what you deserved! Whether you like it or not.

I would therefore not pay heed to anybody saying this as many times in front of me.